Apps that Save you Money

It feels like they’ve been around forever, but smartphone apps and their popularity has exploded in recent years. There are apps about anything you can think of. This includes many apps designed around tracking, investing, and saving money.

Now that we are in the holiday season, I figured it would be helpful to write about apps that can help you save money. There is a lot on this list so each app will be listed with a small summary.

Here are ten apps to help save you money on holiday shopping.

Walmart savings catcher

As you can imagine, this app is only useful if you shop at Wal-Mart. My wife and I use this all the time.

You go to Wal-Mart for your daily, weekly, or monthly shopping trip. Load up your cart, check out, and go home. You pull out your receipt and scan the code at the bottom using the app. Then the app checks the web for items in your cart at a cheaper price. If it finds any, you get the difference. You can save up those dollars within the app and get a gift card.

Amazon subscribe and save

Not an app on its own, but can be used within the Amazon app. For items that you buy every month, on the regular, you can schedule to have them delivered each month. If you subscribe to deliver five or more items in a month, you can save up to 15% on those items. Prime members can save up to 20%.


With this app, you earn kicks. Kicks are reward points. You can earn them by going to the store, visiting online, scanning bar codes, and making purchases. The more kicks you accrue the larger the reward, which can then be turned into gift cards.


RetailMeNot is a coupon/promo code app. You can use it when shopping online to help find promo codes, you can use it as a browser extension so that when you are shopping online, it will search the web for promo codes for you, and you can use the app to find coupons when you are physically at the store.

Gas Buddy

While you are out and about this holiday season, you will probably be using a lot of gas. This app, using your location, will find the gas station with the cheapest price in your area. So while you are spending money on Christmas presents, you can save money on gas.


With this app you simply scan the UPC or barcode on any item. Once you do this, the app immediately compares this product from all around the web to find you the best price.


With Checkpoints, you collect points by scanning products, searching for products, watching videos, playing games, and more. Those points are collected as rewards, and you can redeem these rewards for gift cards, airline miles, and much more.


Similar to some of the apps above, ShopSavvy compares product prices from around the web to get you the best bang for your buck. However, unlike the other apps, you are able to earn cash back on your purchases.

Invisible Hand

Similar to the popular app Honey, Invisible Hand searches the internet for promo codes. When you are shopping on your mobile, you can use the app, or when you shop on your laptop/desktop, you can use the browser extension. This will get you a promo code applicable to your purchases, and you don’t even have to look for it.


Groupon is an online marketplace that sell things like tickets to shows and events, services like massages, restaurant coupons, and much more. Almost everything that they sell on Groupon will be less expensive than what the product, event or service would normally cost.


With the advancement in technology, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of apps online designed to help you with your finances. There are apps to track your budget, there are apps to help you invest, and there are apps designed to save you money.

Take advantage of some of these apps to help save you money this holiday season.

So readers, what’s an app that you use to help save money?

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